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Useful information

Academic notes

Students’ home institutions set the policy regarding the award of credit for coursework completed at CNU. Students are responsible for knowing your home institution’s policies and procedures regarding this matter.

Academic information useful to participants: CNU subscribes to the system of Korean CREDIT. CNU does require exchange students to take at least 9 Korean credits (about 18 ECTS) a semester. A course of CNU usually grants 3 credits. (Workloads /Course = 3 hours a week, total 45 hours a semester)

Minimum Korean CREDIT workloads to keep CNU student status: 9 credits per semester
Maximum Korean CREDIT exchange students can take: 18 credits per semester
Language of instruction: Korean/English
CNU offers about 150 courses taught in English and the list will be sent one month before the start of a new semester 
Grading system:
95-100 = “excellent”
90-94 = “very good”
85-89 = “good”
80-84 = “highly satisfactory”
75-79 = “satisfactory”
70-74 = “fare” / “sufficient” (minimum passing grade)
00-69 = “insufficient”

It is unfortunately impossible to issue attachments with estimated equivalent evaluation used at the host university. Herewith, it is advisable to make sure there is a policy at home university that it enables student to convert the Korean CREDIT grades into the evaluation in use there. However, upon request, abstracts and syllabi of the courses student complete during their stay can be issued and attached to the transcript of record.

Transcript issuance

Fall semester 2016: by the last week of January 2017
Spring semester 2017 by the last week of July 2017

The transcript of records will be sent by the OIA CNU to the students’ home institutions by post after the exchange students’ returning to home.

Estimated personal expenses

Estimated personal expenses
Food (per meal) 3 - 7 USD
Fee for Dormitory & Adten Registration Card
Dormitory fee: 500,000~1,300,000 KRW (vary with the type)
Issuance of Adten card: 30,000 KRW (29 USD)
Health Insurance
a year: 150 USD
a semester: 90 USD
Local Transportation
bus fare (one-way): 1 USD
taxi fare: You can reach everywhere in Gwangju within 15 USD by taxi. (eg. Gwangju Bus Terminal to CNU: 5 USD)
Academic (books etc.) At least 60 USD per semester
Personal (entertainment etc.) 100 - 200 USD
USD/KRW exchange rate It varies from 1,050 - 1,100 KRW for 1 USD.
EUR/KRW exchange rate It varies from 1,400 - 1,500 KRW for € 1.

* See current exchange rate here:

University facts:
University facts:
Location City of Gwangju, South Korea
City Population 1.5 million
Student Population 30,000
Number of students from overseas 1,100
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