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Resident Rules


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Move-in Procedure

Article 1 (Object) The object of these rules is to stipulate articles that residents must observe for the maintenance of order in the residence hall.
Article 2 (Residence card) While the fingerprint identification system is in operation, residents must register their fingerprints and use their student ID card as a residence card.
Article 3 (Room assignment) Resident rooms are assigned by the Vice-director and may not be arbitrarily changed by residents once assigned.
Article 4 (Restriction of non-residents and visits)
① Residents are not allowed to invite visitors into the residence halls.
② Visits are allowed in designated places from 09:00 to 21:00.
Article 5 (Daily schedule) Residents must observe the following daily schedule.
1. Main door hours: 05:30 to 01:00
2. Dining hours (subject to changes)
Korean Languag Proficiency Scholarship
Category Hours Remark
During Semester Summer/WinterVacation
Breakfast 07:20 ~ 08:40 07:30 ~ 09:00 ※ Dining periods are fixed.
Lunch 11:40 ~ 14:00 12:00 ~ 13:30
Dinner 18:00 ~ 19:20 18:00 ~ 19:00
Article 6 (Dining procedure) Residents must scan their fingerprints during mealtimes. The consumption of food is prohibited in all places other than the dining halls.
Article 7 (Posting and distribution of advertisement) Residents must obtain permission  from the resident hall director to post or distribute advertisement within the residence halls.
Article 8 (Compensation) Residents who intentionally or accidentally lose or damage fixtures or furnishings are financially responsible for those items.
Article 9 (Heat appliance control and cleaning) Residents are responsible for the control of heating appliances and cleaning of their suites.
Article 10 (Prohibitions) The following items and practices are prohibited in the residence halls.
1. Drinking and gambling
2. Use of heating appliances, TV, stereo, the inflammables
3. Providing meals to non-residents
4. Violence, disturbances, and excessive noise-making
5. Relocation of fixtures in the halls and providing them to others without permission
6. Damage and destruction of furnishings
7. Posting and distribution of advertisement without permission
8. Raising of any kind of pet
9. Behavior that disturbs order of the halls
Article 11 (Penalty points)
① Residents may face reparations from the in the form of penalty points, which in turn lead to the following consequences.
  • 1. Warning: 3 penalty points
  • 2. Expulsion
    a. residents who are disciplined by the university beyond a suspension
    b. greater than 5 penalty points
    c. residents who are deemed improper for residence halls
  • 3. Residents may appeal these consequences within 5 days of receipt
  • 4. Residents expelled due to penalty points will begin ineligible to live in residence halls at a later date.
② Penalty points standards are as attached in Table 1.
Article 12 (Reduction of penalty points)
① The Vice-director may reduce the penalty points of individual residences as a result of prescribed service activities in the residence halls with the director's permission.
② Items in detail for the reduction of penalty points are separately determined by the director.

Penalty points

Penalty points
Content Penalty point Remark
1. Disobedience or violent language expulsion  
2. Improper behaviors including theft, shameless behavior, or sexual harassment expulsion  
3. Posting and distribution of stickers and advertisement without permission expulsion  
4. Dissemination and posting of false statements expulsion  
5. Accommodating non-residents in the halls expulsion  
6. Intentionally assisting non-residents enter residence halls or use dining halls expulsion  
7. Intentionally damaging or destroying furnishings or fixtures in the halls expulsion  
8. Violence or gambling in the halls expulsion  
9. Smoking in the residence halls expulsion  
10. Changing suites without permission from a residence hall assistant 3  
11. Drinking or causing disturbance and making noise 3  
12. Use of heating appliances, TV, stereo, or inflammables without permission 3  
13. Damage or relocation without permission of furnishings or fixtures in the halls 2  
14. Breaking curfew without notice 2  
15. Late return 1  
16. Uncleanliness 1  

※ Residents who accumulate more than 5 points in each session (spring semester, summer session, fall semester, winter session) will be expelled according to Article 11 of the Resident Rules for CNU Residence Halls.