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Extension of VISA (D-2)

When you wish to extend your stay in Korea beyond the valid period of your visa, you should apply for a visa extension at the Immigration Office prior to the expiration date of stay. If you do not take the necessary measures for it, you will be fined for violating the law related to the entry and exit of foreigners.

Required Documentation

  • 1Application Form (Please download the form and type it, not hand writing)
  • 2A photo copy of passport, Alien registration card and application fee of 60,000KRW
  • 3Certificate of Enrollment (current students) / Certificate of Completion (course completed students)
    *** Plan of your Thesis sign by your advisor (only if you are course completed student)
  • 4Certificate of Tuition Payment (pick up at OIA)
  • 5Official Transcript (need explanatory note and Proof of bank statement ($9,000) if your GPA for previous semester is below 2.0)
  • 6Proof of Residency (e.g.Lease contract under your own name)
    ※ must report change of address within 14days upon moving to avoid penalty fee!
    ※ need confirmation letter and bank statement($9,000) if you take additional term
    ※ need plan for your thesis and bank statement(8,400,000KRW/year) for whom completed their coursework

Changes of Sojourn


  • 1Application Form (Please download the form and type it, not hand writing)
  • 2Certificate of Admission (Pick up at OIA)
  • 3A photocopy of passport, Alien registration card, Application fee of 130,000KRW (Visa Change: 100,000 KRW+ Card 30,000 KRW), and a passport photo (must have white background)
  • 4Certificate of Tuition Payment (pick up at OIA)
  • 5Transcript of Grades, certificate of course completion from Language Education Center
  • 6Verification Documents of Academic Degree/Background
  • 7Proof of Residency (lease contract, proof of dormitory residency under your name,. etc.)
  • 8Proof of Bank Balance needed (Suitable fee for 1 year of tuition fee and living expenses included): CNU LEC Students: $ 9,000 (10,200,000 KRW), Students from others': $18,000 (20,200,000 KRW)
    ※ Certificate of scholarship: proof the rest of the bank balance exclude the scholarship amount from the total


Should get more than 60 points out of 180 points including 20points in basic field (since 2018.10.1.)
2018학년도 후기(9월) 입학 희망자
division criteria points notes
Basic Age 20~ 24 10 50
25~ 29 15
30~ 34 20
35~ 39 15
40~49세 5
highest level of education obtained In Korea/ Out of Korea Bachelor's degree 15
Master's degree 20
Doctoral degree 30


Working Experience In Korea Out of Korea 60
1yr~2yrs 3 yrs ~4 yrs 5
3 yrs ~4 yrs 5 yrs ~6 yrs 10
5 yrs ~ 7 yrs ~ 15
Degrees in Korea Bachelor's degree (within 3year after graduation) 10(20)
Master's degree (within 3year after graduation) 15(30)
Doctoral degree (within 3year after graduation) 20(30)
    Training in Korea Researcher in university
12months~18 months 3
18months~ 5
Exchange student
12 months ~18 months 3
18 months ~ 5
Internship/training course in national institutes (D-4-2) 12 months ~18 months 3
18 months ~ 5
Language course
12months~18 months 3
18months~ -
Internship/training course in priviate institutes (D-4-6) 12months~18 months 3
18months~ 5
Korean Language Proficiency TOPIK
Level 5 ~ 20
Level  4~ 15
Level 3 ~ 10
Level 2 ~ 5
additional  ①Recommendation from the head of government institution or embassy 20 70
②Graduates from prestigious universities(Times Ranking 200, QS ranking 500) 20
③Working experience in Global companies/cooperation (Fortune 500) 20
④Bachelor's degree in natural science or engineering fields 5
⑤Working Experience in professional fields with high incomes(more than $50,000) 5
deduct points, times 1 2 3
Immigration law 5 10 30
Other legislations 5 10 30

Required documents

  • 1Application form
  • 2Passport & Alien Registration Card
  • 3Diploma
  • 4Plan for seeking employment
  • 5Fee: KRW 130,000
  • 6Topik Certificate (if applicable)
  • 7Proof of Work Experience (if applicable)

If you have any inquiries regarding visa, please feel free to contact first the Office of International Affairs.

Email: chacha1052@jnu.ac.kr
Telephone: 062-530-1277