Part-time permission under D-2

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Part-time permission under D-2

Part-time work for D-2 visa holders

International students holding a D-2 visa must receive approval from the immigration office prior to beginning any part-time work.

Required documents for getting permission

  • 1Application form
  • 2Passport & Alien Registration Card
  • 3Certificate of Current Enrollment (Completion of more than one semester) Official Transcript
  • 4Confirmation for Part-time Employment by OIA
  • 5Certificate of Business Registration - valid only with owner's resident registration number
  • 6TOPIK Certificate
    - Freshman, sophomore: TOPIK Level 3 or more
    - Junior, Senior, Graduate school students: TOPIK Level 4 or more

Application Eligibility

- Those Overseas Study (D-2) VISA holders who have both attended more than six months and need confirmation from OIA
- Those who attended more than 70% of language classes/ whose G.P.A was 2.5 or above in previous semester

Application Eligibility
Degree Grade TOPIK Available hours
Semester Vacation
Undergraduate Freshmen, sophomore Level 3 X 10hr/wk
O 20hr/wk unlimited
Junior, Senior Level 4 X 10hr/wk
O 20hr/wk unlimited
Graduate All Level 4 X 10hr/wk
O 20hr/wk unlimited

If you have any inquiries regarding visa, please feel free to contact first the Office of International Affairs.

Telephone: 062-530-1277