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Courses in English

Academics Calendar
Department Course Title Code No. Credits Schedule
Bioenergy Science & Technology Bioenergy Engineering Capstone Design 1 BIE3004-1 3 Mon10Mon11Mon12Mon13
Bioenergy Science & Technology Microbial metabolic regulation engineering BIE4010-1 3 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Biosystems Engineering Biosystems Automation AGE4050-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Chemical Engineering Organic Chemistry 2 CLT0505-8 3 Tue5Thu5
Chemistry Enzymology BIO4013-2 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Food Engineering major General Microbiology BIO2017-2 3 Tue2Thu2
Horticulture & Plant Biotechnology Plant Pathology AGB3002-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Molecular Biotechnology Animal Genetic Engineering and practice GEN4022-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3Wed4
Rural & Systems Engineering Hydraulics AGE2008-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration Business Ethics BUS4028-1 3 Tue4Thu4
Business Administration Financial Management BUS2017-1 3 Tue1Thu1
Business Administration Human Resources Management BUS3011-1 3 Tue4Thu4
Business Administration International Business Management BUS2019-2 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property Right Management BUS4033-2 3 Fri7Fri8Fri9
Business Administration Management of Technology and Innovation BUS4035-1 3 Tue2Thu2
Business Administration Marketing Management BUS2018-2 3 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Business Administration Principles of Accounting BUS1002-6 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration Principles of Management BUS1001-3 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration Supply Chain Management BUS4027-1 3 Wed6Fri5Fri6
Business Administration  Introduction to International Trade BUS1003-1 3 Tue1Thu1
Business Administration  Mathematics for Management BUS2013-2 3 Tue4Thu4
Business Administration  Starting Business and Small Business Management BUS3030-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Business Administration  Strategic Management BUS3016-1 3 Tue4Thu4
Economics  Macroeconomic Theory ECN2001-2 3 Tue3Thu3
Economics  Mathematical Analysis for Economics ECN1004-2 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Economics  Microeconomic Theory ECN1003-2 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Economics  Principles of Economics 2 ECN1008-2 3 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Economics  Public Economics ECN3007-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Regional Development Major Urban Management RDV3009-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Education Theory of Educational Policy EDU4037-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Architectural Engineering Mechanics of Materials ENG2003-3 3 Tue2Thu2
Bio engineering  Biochemistry 1 CHM2005-1 3 Tue2Thu2
Civil Engineering Engineering Mathematics 1 ENG1003-10 3 Tue2Thu2
Computer & Information Engineering Routing Protocol ECE4060-1 3 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Energy and Resources Engineering Resource Economics GSE4029-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Environment and Energy Engineering Bioenergy WSE2009-2 3 Tue1Thu1
Environment and Energy Engineering Environmental Chemistry of Soils ENV2016-1 3 Tue4Thu4
Environment and Energy Engineering Green Energy ENV1004-1 3 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Environment and Energy Engineering Hazardous Wastes Management and Soil Remediation Engineering ENV3025-1 3 Tue2Thu2
Fiber Science and Engineering Electronic Materials CHE4113-1 3 Wed6Fri5Fri6
Industrial Engineering System Analysis & Design IDE2019-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Materials Science & Engineering Mechanics of Materials ENG2003-2 3 Tue1Thu1
Mechanical Engineering Applied Solid Mechanics MAE2016-2 3 Tue4Thu4
Mechanical Engineering Applied Thermodynamics MAE2015-1 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Mechanical Engineering Applied Thermodynamics MAE2015-2 3 Tue5Thu5
Mechanical Engineering Dynamics MAE2012-2 3 Tue1Thu1
Mechanical Engineering Dynamics MAE2012-3 3 Tue1Thu1
Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mathematics 1 ENG1003-4 3 Tue2Thu2
Mechanical Engineering Gas Dynamics MAE3014-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Mechanical Engineering Service Robotics MAE4060-1 3 Mon1Mon2Wed1
English Language and Literature  American Poetry ELL4011-1 3 Mon1Mon2Wed1
English Language and Literature  English Comprehension 2 ELL9024-1 3 Tue2Thu2
English Language and Literature  English Comprehension 2 ELL9024-2 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
English Language and Literature  English Grammar2 ELL2032-1 3 Tue2Thu2
English Language and Literature  English Grammar2 ELL2032-2 3 Tue4Thu4
English Language and Literature  English Prose ELL2024-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
English Language and Literature  English Semantics ELL4002-1 3 Tue5Thu5
English Language and Literature  Modern British Novel ELL9041-1 3 Tue2Thu2
English Language and Literature  Modern British Novel ELL9041-2 3 Tue1Thu1
English Language and Literature  Modern British Poetry ELL9032-1 3 Mon7Mon8Wed7
English Language and Literature  Survey of British Literature 2 ELL2010-1 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Liberal Arts Communication Strategy in Multicultural Society CLT0769-1 3 Tue1Thu1
Liberal Arts Introduction to Korean Folklore CLT0740-1 3 Tue5Tue6
Liberal Arts Introduction to Korean Traditional Art CLT0735-1 3 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Liberal Arts Introduction to Korean Traditional Music CLT0734-1 3 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Liberal Arts Korean Langauge and Linguistic Typology CLT0731-1 3 Tue4Thu4
Liberal Arts Reading & Discussion in English 1 CLT0758-1 3 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Liberal Arts Understanding Korean Society CLT0733-1 3 Tue2Thu2
Liberal Arts Understanding of Science History CLT0747-2 3 Tue4Thu4
Biological Sciences Human Physiology MED1010-2 3 Mon6Mon7Wed6
Geological Environment Mineral Chemistry and Lab. GLG4032-1 3 Tue4Thu4Thu5
Statistics National statistics STT9019-1 3 Tue1Thu1
System Bio Engineering major NeuroBiochemistry BST4045-1 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Pharmacy Cosmeticology PHM3002-1 2 Wed2Wed3
Pharmacy Instrumental Analysis ENG1005-1 2 Mon2Mon3
Pharmacy Medicinal Botany PHM4091-1 2 Fri2Fri3
Pharmacy Pharmacology 2 PHM4102-1 2 Thu1Thu2
Political Science & International Relations American Politics POS2023-1 3 Wed4Fri3Fri4
Political Science & International Relations Trade and Politics POS4017-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Psychology Introduction to Psychology CLT0046-6 3 Tue4Thu4
Public Administration Administrative Organization PBA1001-1 3 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Sociology Political Sociology SOC2007-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Sociology Special seminar in Sociology SOC3016-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Sociology Urban Sociology SOC3007-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Emergency VET4043-1 3 Thu5Thu6
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine 1  VET3015-1 4 Mon3Mon4Thu3Thu4
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 1 CLT0710-1 3 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 1 CLT0710-2 3 Wed4Fri3Fri4
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 2 CLT0711-1 3 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 2 CLT0711-2 3 Tue1Thu1
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 3 CLT0788-1 3 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Language Education Center Korean Reading and Writing 1 CLT0712-1 3 Tue5Thu5
Language Education Center Korean Reading and Writing 1 CLT0712-2 3 Tue6Thu6
Language Education Center Korean Reading and Writing 2 CLT0713-1 3 Tue1Thu1
Language Education Center Korean Reading and Writing 2 CLT0713-2 3 Tue4Thu4
Language Education Center Korean Reading and Writing 3 CLT0789-1 3 Tue2Thu2
Advanced Chemicals & Engineering Advanced Instrumental Analysis for Energy Materials GR20317-1 3 Tue6Thu6
Biomedical Sciences Oncology GR22020-1 3 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Biomedical Sciences Photomedicine GR30886-1 3 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Biomedical Sciences Seminars in medical advances(Ⅱ) GR22008-1 3 Wed7Wed8Wed9
Business Administration Multimedia Applications Study GR18356-1 3 Sat1Sat2Sat3
Clinical Science Molecular Pathology GR03517-1 3 Tue1Tue2
Clinical Science Neural cell biology GR23269-1 3 Tue7Tue8
Electronic Computer Engineering Advanced coding applications GR21907-1 3 Wed5Wed6Wed7
Electronic Computer Engineering Advanced Computer Vision GR30722-1 3 Mon6Mon7Mon8
Electronic Computer Engineering Advanced Network Protocols GR16624-1 3 Wed2Wed3Wed4
Electronic Computer Engineering Advanced Pattern Recognition GR17429-1 3 Wed7Wed8Wed9
Electronic Computer Engineering Next Generation Intelligent?Information and Communication Engineering GR21379-1 3 Wed5Wed6Wed7
Energy and Resources Engineering Advanced Resources Recycling GR06804-1 3 Thu1Thu2
Energy and Resources Engineering Clay Mineralogy GR30813-1 3 Thu4Thu5
Energy and Resources Engineering Enhanced Oil Recovery GR30672-1 3 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Energy and Resources Engineering Special topics in geomicrobiology GR20436-1 3 Tue1Tue2
Energy and Resources Engineering Special Topics in Geotechincal Engineering GR18431-1 3 Tue4Tue5
Energy and Resources Engineering Theory of Rock Failure GR05479-1 3 Tue1Tue2
English Education Research Method in TEFL GR19072-1 3 Mon10Mon11Mon12
Environment and Energy Engineering Fuel Cells GR30759-1 3 Mon11Mon12Mon13
Environment and Energy Engineering Patent Mapping GR30761-1 3 Tue8Tue9
Interdisciplinary Program of Electronic Commerce Topics in  Data Mining GR19964-1 3 Tue4Tue5
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO Democracy and Participatory Democracy GR22089-1 3 Thu2Thu3
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO International Migration and Women GR22100-1 3 Tue2Tue3
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO Introduction to Civil society & Social movement GR22087-1 3 Wed6Wed7Wed8
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO NGO Research Methods GR19002-1 3 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Interdisciplinary Program of Software Software Engineering Environment GR04648-1 3 Tue5Tue6
International Trade 0 GR18374-1 3 Tue1Tue2Tue3
International Trade Comparative Business Management GR03620-1 3 Thu1Thu2Thu3
International Trade Theory of Foreign Direct Investment GR09048-1 3 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Law International Human Rights Law GR18136-1 3 Mon11Mon12Mon13
Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Ceramics Processing GR18414-1 3 Thu5Thu6
Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Materials Science GR06943-1 3 Fri3Fri4Fri5
Materials Science and Engineering Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage GR30540-1 3 Tue4Tue5
Materials Science and Engineering Solid State Ionics GR30682-1 3 Mon5Mon6Mon7
Mechanical Engineering Biomaterials GR21217-1 3 Mon6Wed5Wed6
Mechanical Engineering Biomimetics GR21219-1 3 Mon3Wed2Wed3
Medical Engineering Joint Research  Current Trends of Medical Science (Ⅱ) GR06465-1 3 Wed10Wed11Wed12
Medical Engineering Joint Research  Metals and Alloys for Medical Use GR16497-1 3 Mon2Mon3Mon4
Molecular Medicine Advanced Enzymology GR15376-1 3 Mon4Mon5Mon6
Molecular Medicine Advanced Genetic Engineering GR06217-1 3 Tue3Tue4
Molecular Medicine Cell Biology GR04512-1 3 Wed4Wed5Wed6
Molecular Medicine Molecular medicine seminar 1 GR31077-1 3 Tue5Tue6
Oceanography  Advanced Marine Meteorology GR17554-1 3 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Oceanography Seminar on Physical Oceanography GR17706-1 3 Wed7Wed8Wed9
Pharmacy Advanced Biomaterials-Based  Pharmaceutical/Therapeutical Sciences GR30526-1 3 Mon5Mon6Mon7
Pharmacy Brain sciences and related disorders GR23094-1 3 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Pharmacy Research Techniques in Natural Products Chemistry GR15619-1 3 Mon5Mon6Mon7
Polymer Engineering Advanced Polymer Engineering (I) GR00951-1 3 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Veterinary Medicine Molecular Virology GR20710-1 3 Sat2Sat3Sat4
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