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Courses in English

Academics Calendar
Department Course Title_English Course No. Schedule
Animal Science Growth and Developmental Biology ANS4004 Tue2Thu2
Bigdata Financial Engineering Convergence R-bigdata programming and practice STT9005 Mon1Mon2Wed1Wed2
Bio Chemical major Biological Control Science AGC3014 Tue2Thu2
Bioenergy Science & Technology Bioenergy Engineering Capstone Design 2 BIE3005 Mon10Mon11Mon12Mon13
Bioenergy Science & Technology Fermentation Technology FST4001 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Bioenergy Science & Technology Industrial Microbiology BIE4011 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Biology Education Animal Embryology BIO2023 Tue4Thu4
Biosystems Engineering Biosystems Modeling and Practice AGE4051 Tue5Thu4Thu5
Business Administration Business Statistics BUS2001 Tue4Thu4
Business Administration Intermediate Accounting 1 BUS2004 Tue5Thu5
Business Administration Organizational Behavior BUS2012 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Business Administration Principles of Management BUS1001 Wed6Fri5Fri6
Business Administration  Consumer Behavior BUS3001 Tue2Thu2
Business Administration  Introduction to International Trade BUS1003 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration  Investment Theory BUS3002 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Business Administration  Labor Relations BUS4003 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Business Administration  Management Information System BUS2020 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Business Administration  Production & Operations Management BUS3009 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Business Administration  Quality Management and Environmental Management BUS4032 Tue5Thu5
Business Administration  Service Marketing BUS4026 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Communication Mass communication English COM3017 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Computer & Information Engineering Digital Communication Engineering ECE4082 Tue4Thu4
 Basic Medical Science Basics for medical research MED4077 Mon5Mon6Mon7
 Clothing and Textile  VMD&COMMUNICATION CTX4084 Tue4Tue5
 Clothing and Textile  VMD&COMMUNICATION CTX4084 Wed2Wed3Wed4
 English Language and Literature  18th and 19th Century British Novel ELL9029 Tue2Thu2
 English Language and Literature  18th and 19th Century British Novel ELL9029 Mon5Mon6Wed5
 English Language and Literature  American Society and Popular Culture CLT0613 Mon1Mon2Wed1
 English Language and Literature  Children's Literature EEC3019 Mon3Mon4Wed3
 English Language and Literature  English Grammar1 ELL2031 Tue2Thu2
 English Language and Literature  English Syntax ELL3024 Tue3Thu3
 English Language and Literature  English Teaching Methods ELL3043 Tue4Thu4
 English Language and Literature  Ethnic American Literature ELL3042 Mon1Mon2Wed1
 English Language and Literature  Introduction to English Linguistics1 ELL2030 Tue2Thu2
 English Language and Literature  Pre-20th Century British Poetry ELL9028 Mon7Mon8Wed7
 English Language and Literature  Shakespeare ELL4001 Mon7Mon8Wed7
 Public Administration Comparative Administration PBA4001 Tue6Thu6
 Sociology Reading of Sociological Writings SOC2016 Tue4Thu4
 Veterinary Medicine Medical English and Practice VET4099 Tue5Tue6Tue7Tue8
Economics Introduction to Economics CLT0763 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Economics Introduction to Korean Economy CLT0054 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Economics  Economic Statistics  ECN1001 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Economics  Macroeconomic Theory ECN2001 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Economics  Microeconomic Theory ECN1003 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Economics  Principles of Economics 1 ECN1007 Tue1Thu1
Education Educational Administration EDU2012 Tue1Thu1
Education Sociology of Education EDU2011 Tue5Thu5
Electrical Engineering Circuit Theory 1 EEE2001 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Electrical Engineering Circuit Theory 1 EEE2001 Mon7Mon8Wed7
English Education Classroom English Practice EEL3006 Wed7Wed8
English Education English Evaluation EEL4005 Tue4Thu4
English Education English Language Acquisition ELL3036 Tue3Thu3
English Education English Phonetics & Phonology ELL2034 Mon5Mon6Wed5
English Education Intermediate English Conversation ELL2027 Mon3Mon4Wed3
English Education Teaching Critical Writing in English EEL3008 Fri5Fri6
English Education Teaching English As A Foreign Language EEL3001 Tue4Thu4
English Education Teaching Grammar in EFL EEL2006 Tue2Thu2
English Education Teaching Writing in EFL ELL1024 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Environment and Energy Engineering Environmental Electrochemistry ENV4030 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Environment and Energy Engineering Environmental Energy Engineering and Practice ENV4034 Mon5Mon6Wed5Wed6
Environment and Energy Engineering Waste Resource Treatment and Energy Engineering ENV3029 Tue2Thu2
Geography Geography Of America GGR4015 Tue1Thu1
History Education Teaching of Readings in Western History EHI2009 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Industrial Engineering Design Engineering IDE3030 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Industrial Engineering Introduction to Probability and Statistics IDE1009 Tue1Thu1
Industrial Engineering Introduction to Probability and Statistics IDE1009 Tue2Thu2
Industrial Engineering Matrix and Linear Algebra IDE2015 Mon9Wed8Wed9
Law School International Human Rights CLS2017 Mon8Mon9
Law School International Human Rights Law SJD1436 Mon11Mon12Mon13
Law School Legal English CLS1001 Fri2Fri3
Law School The Law of Business Enterprises  CLS5014 Wed6Wed7
Materials Science & Engineering Electronic Display Engineering MSE3035 Tue4Thu4
Materials Science & Engineering Engineering Mathematics ENG2005 Tue5Thu5
Materials Science & Engineering Engineering Mathematics ENG2005 Tue6Thu6
Materials Science & Engineering Introduction to Engineering Design ENV1005 Tue1Tue3Thu1Thu3
Materials Science & Engineering Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 2 MSE2023 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Materials Science & Engineering Materials in Energy Applications MSE4015 Mon7Mon8Wed7
Materials Science & Engineering Metalworking MSE3047 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Mechanical Engineering ?SystemEngineering MAE4001 Tue6Thu6
Mechanical Engineering Design of Thermo-Fluid System MAE4086 Tue5Thu5
Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mathematics 2 ENG2004 Tue2Thu2
Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer MAE3033 Tue2Thu2
Mechanical Engineering Introduction to Solid Mechanics MAE2014 Mon5Mon6Wed5
Mechanical Engineering Kinematics of Mechanisms MAE2007 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Vibrations MSE9025 Tue2Thu2
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Vibrations MSE9025 Tue4Thu4
Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics ACH3006 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics ACH3006 Tue6Thu6
Molecular Biotechnology Animal Cell Culture and Lab. GEN4013 Mon3Mon4Wed3Wed4
Nutrition major Molecular Nutrition FDN4015 Tue6Thu6
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical analysis PHM4089 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Design PHM2027 Tue1Tue2
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Process Validation PHM4106 Mon7Mon8
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical statistics PHM1024 Mon2Mon3
Pharmacy Pharmacognosy 1 PHM1020 Thu3Thu4
Political Science & International Relations History of international relations POS2017 Tue5Thu5
Political Science & International Relations Media and Politics POS2011 Tue1Thu1
Political Science & International Relations Practice in International Relations(Capstone Design) POS4021 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Polymer Engineering Organic Chemistry 1 CLT0504 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Psychology Introduction to Psychology CLT0046 Tue5Tue6
Regional Development Major Overseas Regional Development RDV3006 Tue4Thu4
Regional Development Major Principles of Real Estate Development RDV2013 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Rural & Systems Engineering Green Engineering Hydrology AGE3029 Mon5Mon6Wed6
Software Engeering Linux System CIS2010 Tue4Thu4
Statistics Economic Time Series Analysis and Lab STT4018 Mon8Mon9Wed8Wed9
Statistics Mathematical Statistics 1 STT3001 Tue1Thu1
Statistics Multiplicate Statistical Analysis STT9003 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Institute of Liberal Education Communication Strategy in Multicultural Society CLT0769 Tue2Thu2
Institute of Liberal Education Introduction to Korean History CLT0738 Tue1Thu1
Institute of Liberal Education Introduction to Korean Traditional Art CLT0735 Mon6Mon7Mon8
Institute of Liberal Education Introduction to Korean Traditional Music CLT0734 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Institute of Liberal Education Korean Langauge and Linguistic Typology CLT0731 Tue6Thu6
Institute of Liberal Education Reading & Discussion in English CLT0847 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Institute of Liberal Education Understanding Korean Society CLT0733 Tue1Thu1
Language Education Center  Korean Reading and Writing 1 CLT0712 Tue6Thu6
Language Education Center  Korean Reading and Writing 1 CLT0712 Mon9Wed8Wed9
Language Education Center  Korean Reading and Writing 2 CLT0713 Tue5Thu5
Language Education Center  Korean Reading and Writing 2 CLT0713 Mon9Wed8Wed9
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 1 CLT0710 Wed2Fri1Fri2
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 1 CLT0710 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 2 CLT0711 Mon3Mon4Wed3
Language Education Center Korean Listening and Speaking 2 CLT0711 Tue6Thu6
Language Education Center Korean Listening·Speaking 3 CLT0788 Mon1Mon2Wed1
Language Education Center Korean Reading·Writing 3 CLT0789 Wed4Fri3Fri4
Institute for Adaptable Interdisciplinary Education Field Practice 6 (internship Program) UNV4010
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO NGO Administration and Management GR23049 Tue1Tue2
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO NGOs and Election Politic in Korea GR21256 Wed4Wed5Wed6
Interdisciplinary Program of NGO Theory of Reform Movement GR22091 Thu1Thu2
Polymer Engineering Conducting Polymers GR14656 Wed5Wed6Wed7
Mechanical Engineering Advanced Solid Mechanics GR01113 Mon8Wed7Wed8
Mechanical Engineering Service Robotics GR20116 Mon1Wed1Wed2
Mechanical Engineering Advanced Robotics GR30536 Mon5Wed5Wed6
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Fertilizers GR03698 Wed4Wed5Wed6
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Soil Microbiology GR08398 Tue2Tue3
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Course of Instrumental Analysis GR01799 Wed4Wed5Wed6
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Industrial Microbiology GR15112 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Agriculture Chemistry Seminar in Agricultural Chemistry 2 GR20452 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture GR21214 Thu1Thu2
Agriculture Chemistry Applied Environment Agriculture Science GR30121 Wed7Wed8Wed9
Agriculture Chemistry Advanced Plant Diseases  GR30531 Wed7Wed8Wed9
Bioenergy Science & Technology Plant-Water Relationships GR05037 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Law International Human Rights Law GR18136 Mon11Mon12Mon13
 Molecular Medicine Seminar on Current Medical Progress GR18038 Tue5Tue6
Biotechnology Special Topics in Biochemistry 1 GR04154 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Biotechnology Advanced Animal Genetic Engineering Ⅰ GR16730 Tue2Tue3
Biotechnology Advanced epigenetics  GR30954 Wed7Wed8Wed9
 Food Science and Technology Advanced Food Microbiology GR05110 Tue1Tue2
 Food Science and Technology Food Ingredient Technology GR05124 Wed5Wed6Wed7
 Food Science and Technology Advanced Biochemistry GR15325 Tue4Tue5
Materials Science and Engineering Electrochemistry GR07067 Thu2Thu3
Materials Science and Engineering Electronic Materials GR14745 Mon7Mon8Mon9
Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Energy Materials Engineering GR19499 Wed10Wed8Wed9
Materials Science and Engineering Special  Lecture of Nanomaterials Engineering GR20428 Thu4Thu5
Materials Science and Engineering Solid State Electrochemistry GR30119 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Materials Science and Engineering Nano-processing for Energy Materials GR30756 Wed1Wed2Wed3
Advanced Chemicals & Engineering Hydrogen Energy GR20311 Sat2Sat3Sat4
Pharmacy Signal Transductions GR17001 Thu5Thu6
Pharmacy Protein Biochemistry  GR19834 Wed5Wed6Wed7
Pharmacy Molecular methodologies in pharmacological studies GR23092 Mon1Mon2Mon3
Pharmacy Advanced Site-specific Drug Targeting GR30528 Tue4Tue5
 Energy and Resources Engineering Rock Slope Engineering GR16477 Tue1Tue2
 Energy and Resources Engineering Advanced Groundwater Geochemistry GR19636 Tue1Tue2
 Energy and Resources Engineering Advanced applied petrology GR20438 Wed1Wed2Wed3
English Education Second Language Acqusition GR21224 Thu7Thu8
Applied Biology Plant Biochemistry GR21444 Mon7Mon8Mon9
 Biomedical Sciences Seminars in medical advances(Ⅲ) GR22009 Wed10Wed11Wed12
 Biomedical Sciences Basic Research Tools GR22012 Mon10Mon8Mon9
 Biomedical Sciences Trends in medical sciences(Ⅲ) GR22015 Wed7Wed8Wed9
 Biomedical Sciences Biochemistry GR22017 Wed4Wed5Wed6
 Biomedical Sciences Aging Biology GR30924 Wed1Wed2Wed3
 Electronic Computer Engineering Image Synthesis Theory GR06523 Wed1Wed2Wed3
 Electronic Computer Engineering Topics in Pattern Recognition GR16451 Wed11Wed12Wed13
 Electronic Computer Engineering Artificial Intelligence Theory GR16625 Thu1Thu2
 Electronic Computer Engineering Distributed Object System GR17309 Wed7Wed8Wed9
 Electronic Computer Engineering Computer Vision Seminar I GR23241 Mon6Mon7Mon8
 Electronic Computer Engineering Advanced Smart NUI GR30939 Wed10Wed8Wed9
 Electronic Computer Engineering Topics in  Data Mining GR19964 Thu4Thu5
 Regional · Bio System Engineering Advanced Intelligent Biosystems Engineering  GR21914 Fri4Fri5Fri6
Dental Science TMJ in Orthodontics GR15389 Thu10Thu9
Dental Science Periodontal Orthodontic Interrelationship GR15477 Tue10Tue9
Oceanography Advanced Wave Dynamics GR16805 Tue1Tue2
Oceanography Advanced Climate Dynamics GR31011 Tue5Tue6
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