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Part-Time Work Guideline


International Student Part-Time Work Guideline

All international students are required to obtain permission from both the university and Gwangju Immigration Office before engaging in part-time employment. If you are considering a part-time job, please review the outlined requirements and follow the application process provided below. Ensure that you prepare all necessary documents in advance before submitting your application to the Immigration Office.


  • Holders of a student visa (D-2) (excluding students with F types of visa).
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the Korean language at a specified level.
  • Achieved a minimum average GPA of C (2.0) or above in the previous semester.
  • Confirmation by a coordinator at the Office of International Affairs.

Application Process

  • 01

    Fill out the Contract and Part-Time Work Confirmation Form by both the student and the employer.

  • 02

    Complete the “CNU International Student Part-time Online Application”바로가기

  • 03

    Bring all necessary documents to the Office of International Affairs at CNU.

  • 04

    Apply online (www.hikorea.go.kr) or reserve a visit to the Gwangju Immigration Office

  • 05

    Print the online acceptance letter or attach the acceptance sticker to your passport.

Necessary Documents

  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Application Form (downloadable below)
  • Part-Time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form (downloadable below)
  • Transcript
  • Score report for Korean Language Proficiency (TOPIK)
  • Business Registration Certificate of the workplace
    ※ The employer's name written on the part-time work confirmation form, contract, and business registration certificate must be identical.
  • Employment Contract
    ※ Descriptions of work, period and time, hourly wage, and place must be in detail.
    • In case of work in manufacturing:
      Those with TOPIK Level 4 and above are only permitted to engage in manufacturing part-time jobs. The student must submit a Confirmation of Compliance with the Requirements for Part-time (downloadable below).
    • In the case of research activities within the affiliated university:
      When participating in research related to academic studies and receiving support funds from the university and Industry-Academic Cooperation Research and Development Foundation, one must additionally submit an "Advisor Confirmation Letter" (free-form).

Allowed Time per Week

The maximum number of hours a student can work per week depends on the student's program, year, and Korean Proficiency Level.(For example, an Undergraduate Year 4 student with TOPIK Level 3 is permitted a maximum of 10 hours per week.)

Program Year TOPIK Maximum Hours per week
Weekdays Weekend, Break
Language Training
(After 6 Months)
All Level 2 X 10
O 25
Undergraduate 1-2 Level 3 X 10
O 25 Unlimited
3-4 Level 4 X 10
O 25 Unlimited
Graduate All Level 4 X 15
O 35 Unlimited
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Administration Standard for Violators

Working without Permission:

  • Caught 1st time: Payment of a fine and Restriction of part-time for 1 year
  • Caught 1st time: Payment of a fine and Restriction of part-time for 1 year
    ※ Forced departure will occur regardless of the number of times caught for manufacturing and construction part-time without permission.

Working with Permission but Violated the Criteria:

  • Caught 1st time: Restriction of part-time for 1 year
  • Caught 2nd time: Restriction of part-time for the remainder of the stay
  • Caught 3rd time: Cancellation of student visa ※ Changing visa status to Job-Seeking D-10 Visa will be restricted to those who have violated the part-time criteria.