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Message from the Dean of Int'l Affairs


Welcome to the website of the Office of International Affairs(OIA) at Chonnam National University (“CNU”). Since its foundation in 1952, CNU has been the proud center for the region’s globalization efforts. Now, CNU is home to some 1,400 international students from every corner of the world, and it sends and receives more than 1,200 students every year through partnerships with around 575 universities and institutions in 64 different countries. CNU also has outstanding Korean language programs operated by its Language Education Center, teaching the Korean language to approximately 1,200 students annually.

Newcomers to CNU will be welcomed with its complementary Korean language program. Undergraduate freshmen students will be given an opportunity to stay at our charming Yeosu campus (located in the beautiful harbor city of Yeosu, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea) for one year, participating in a year-long Korean language and culture program. The credits the freshmen earn through such programs will be counted toward their graduation credit requirements. New exchange students and new graduate students likewise will be able to take advantage of Korean programs sponsored by CNU. International students will also be pleasantly surprised by the various scholarship opportunities available to them, on top of CNU’s truly affordable tuitions.

Again, welcome to CNU. We at the OIA will provide you with the support you need when you are in a new environment. Our doors are always open to you, and we are here to support your transition to a new life in Gwangju and Yeosu.

We are positive that any experience you will have with CNU is going to remain in your hearts as happy memories throughout your lives. Thanks again for choosing CNU as the beginning of a new chapter in your life history.

Prof. Dr. iur. Seunghyeon SEONG