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CNU Newsletter

CNU produces a newsletter to inform our friends around the world of what is happening at our university. In the newsletter, you will find articles and links about our university's recent research achievements, our OIA programs, and student life on campus.

2021, Volume 1

  • CNU Action Solidarity for Myanmar with Participation from CNU's May 18 Institute and Professors’ Association Promises “Support and Solidarity for People in Myanmar” Recalling Support from International Community for “Gwangju in May 1980”
  • President Jung Sung-taek Inaugurated as the 21st President of CNU
  • Professor Ryu Je-hwang and Ham Yoo-geun Selected as the 100 Best Performances in National R&D in 2020
  • Joint Research Team of Doctoral Students and Professors Win 1st Prize in an International Competition for Emotional Recognition AI Model
  • A Research Team of Professor Jeong Ji-hoon Publishes Paper in Science
  • Veterinary Medicine Student Research Team Publishes a Thesis in SCI-Level International Journal
  • Research Paper of Professor Park Jinsoo Selected as the Cover of Royal Society of Chemistry’s RSC Journal
  • Research on Effective Water Decomposition Catalysts by Professor Kim Jin-hyuk Published as Cover Paper in an International Journal
  • Cultural Exchange with Local Communities and International Students as Part of the Urban Regeneration · New Deal Project
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December 2020, Volume 4

  • A Research Team of Professor Kim Eung-sam Reveals Lung Damage Caused by Superfine Plastic Surface Charges
  • Professors Ryu Je-hwang and Ham Yoo-geun Selected for '100 Outstanding Performances in National R&D'
  • CNU Research Team Develops AI to Help Diagnose and Treat Strokes
  • CNU Selected for the Gwangju Jeonnam Regional Innovation Platform Project
  • CNU Creates a Futuristic Educational Environment by Transformation into a Digital Campus
  • CNU Ranked 2nd among National Flagship Universities in US News & World Report Rankings
  • 2020 CNU International Day: International Students Change the Atmosphere on campus
  • COVID-19 Special Scholarship Granted to More than Half of CNU Undergraduate Students
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October 2020, Volume 3

  • Research Team of Professor Kim Kyeong-man (Department of Pharmacy) Clarifies the Regulation Principle for Cell Membrane Receptors
  • A CNU Research Team Has Developed Nanotechnology Treatment Method for Ruptured Shoulder Tendons
  • CNU Democracy Trail Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of May 18
  • The Establishment of the Democratic History Memorial Hall
  • CNU’s LEC Conducts Korean Language Classes for American Students
  • Excellent Results from International Assessment on Research Capabilities
  • CNU’s Fall Semester to Be Mixed Format (Offline + Online Classes)
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June 2020, Volume 2

  • Hand Sanitizer Developed by CNU Research-based Affiliate Proven 99.9% Effective against the COVID 19 Virus
  • CNU Joint Research Team Regenerates Knee Cartilage with Stem Cells
  • CNU Research Team Develops Nanoparticles That Kill Cancer Cells
  • President Jeong Welcomes New Students: “Be a Righteous Person to Contribute to the World.”
  • Chinese International Students Express Gratitude to CNU
  • CNU Unveils Democracy Trail This Afternoon
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March 2020, Volume 1

  • Message from Dean for International Affairs
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Establishment of the CNU College of AI Convergence
  • CNU Yeosu University-Industry Convergence Campus Opens
  • CNU Will Establish Bitgreen University-Industry Convergence Campus
  • CNU as the Best Institution for Engineering Education
  • 2019 CNU International Day _ International Students Change the Atmosphere on Campus
  • CNU Throws Farewell Party for Exchange Student
  • 2020 CNU Programs(Undergraduate & Graduate Admission, International Summer Session, Exchange Programs)
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