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Certificate Issuance Request


International Document Postal Services

Students can request an academic certificate from Chonnam National University (CNU) through its online Postal Service.

Website To initiate the request, visit the CNU Postal Service website HERE
Procedure 1. Sign up for the website.
2. Complete the online certificate issuance order form.
3. Pay the service fee using a credit card.
Payment Credit card
Delivery Service Provider DHL
Delivery Period 3 to 7 business days
Notes You can track the status of your request online. However, please be aware that the postal service may be temporarily limited to certain countries.
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Online Certificate Issuance

If an overseas university or institution requests academic documents online, CNU students can request that the university issue the requested documents through email. Once the request is confirmed, CNU will send the requested documents directly to the designated institution via email. CNU will not send the document to the student.

Where to Request To make a request, send an email to cnucert@jnu.ac.kr
Procedure 1. Send an email to cnucert@jnu.ac.kr with the following documents:
    · The email or document received from the overseas university or institution
    · A copy of your ID card or passport
    · Personal Information Consent Form (Download)
2. CNU will confirm the request.
3. CNU will send the requested documents directly to the designated university or institution.
Cost Free of charge
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Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the CNU Postal Service at the following numbers:

Gwangju +82-62-530-1054
Yeosu +82-62-530-6221