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Korean Language Intensive Program


Korean Language Intensive Program at Yeosu Campus

The Korean Language Intensive Program is a credit course for Chonnam National University international incoming students and exchanges consisting of 18 credits per semester. The program is designed to help the students improve their Korean language skills and understand Korean culture. The classes consist of a Korean language course and courses to learn Korean culture and Korean society. The Korean language course is 12 credits, and the others are 6 credits.

Any international exchange student who would like to take the Korean Language Intensive Program should consult with the Office of International Affairs from the student’s home university.

Program Introduction

Target Students Course Period Total Credits Total Class Hours Lessons per Week
Incoming exchange students 15 weeks a semester 18 credits a semester 270 hours a semester 4 times a week
(Mon. ~ Thur.)
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Academic Schedule

Semester Course Duration Note
Spring March ~ June(15 weeks) The schedule is the same as the CNU academic calendar.
Fall September ~ December(15 weeks)
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Level Subjects
Korean Language Korean Culture
  • Korean Language Basic Course 1 (Listening)
  • Korean Language Basic Course 2(Vocabulary & Reading)
  • Korean Language Basic Course 3(Speaking)
  • Korean Language Basic Course 4(Grammar & Writing)
  • Korea Learning through Media 1
  • Korean Society and Lifestyle
  • Korean Language Intermediate Course 1(Listening)
  • Korean Language Intermediate Course 2(Vocabulary & Reading)
  • Korean Language Intermediate Course 3(Speaking)
  • Korean Language Intermediate Course 4(Grammar & Writing)
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Extra Curriculum

  • TaeKwando (Free TaeKwando uniform will be provided)
  • Korean Tea Ceremony
  • Field Trip
  • Korean Cooking Experience


  • Program Coordinator: Choi, Eun-Young
  • Tel: +82-61-659-7021
  • E-mail: tomatto21@jnu.ac.kr