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[광주국제교류센터/광주광역시] 2023 Global Community Support 프로그램 안내

작성자 국제협력과 작성일 2023-02-09 조회 609
첨부파일 #1 2023 Global Community Support.pdf[ 다운로드 : 57 ] 86KB미리보기

광주국제교류센터/광주광역시에서 '2023 Global Community Support' 프로그램을 다음과 같이 진행하기에 안내드리니, 많은 관심바랍니다.


[2023 Global Community Support 프로그램]

ㅇ Application Period : Feb. 1.(Wed.) ~ Feb. 22(Wed)
ㅇ Support period: Mar. 1.(Wed.) ~ Jun. 30.(Fri.)
ㅇ Fields of Activity : Activities related to culture, art, language, sprots, workshops, seminars, etc. ex) Gwangju Hikers, Language Exchange, etc.
ㅇ Process: 
  - Submit application > Screening > Selection (Feb. 28.)
  - Pre-subsidy > Final report > Post-subsidy

  * Fill out the application form at the GIC website and submit it by email to community@gic.or.kr

ㅇ Support Fields
  - Subsidy : Budget support for operation
  - Promotion: promotion through GIC SNS
  - Space: Free space rental at the GIC

ㅇ Terms and conditions for application 
  - Non-profit communities with activities and events for cultural exchange
  - The group leader must have been living in Gwangju for more than 1 year.
  - Members of the group must consist of both Koreans and foreigners in Gwangju
  - Open group for anyone who is interested in joining

ㅇ Inquiries: JANG Suyun (062-226-2732)

ㅁ Spcial Presentation
  - Date&Time: Feb. 18. (Sat.) 13:00
  - Place: Gwangju international Center
  - Contents:
    : What is "Global community Support"?
    : How to make an application
※ Anyone who have interest in this program can participate